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"Broken and shell-shocked, Harger’s Eddie embodies all those Vietnam vets who found an unwelcome response on the homefront where people scoffed and spit at them and there was “no parade.”

"...his shattering solo, “Come Back,” in Act II after Eddie’s return from Vietnam, is a true tour de force moment."

SHE LOVES             ME

"Luke Harger (Kodaly) finds his inner cad and slays both of his tunes, the sexy “Ilona” and his hilarious exit song, “Grand Knowing You.”

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"This two-hander is very well cast with two actors who fully inhabit their characters and have a believable connection. Luke Harger (who looks like he stepped right out of a 1968 yearbook) is adorably awkward as Henry, but also shows us there's more beneath the nerdy veneer... I left the theater looking at the sky differently than when I walked in."

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